K-Protocol on ARBITRUM


K-Protocol ($$KAMP) is a token on the Arbitrum Chain (ARB1). The contract, which has upgraded unique tokenomics, is backed by a development team that has the knowledge needed to properly operate the smart contract with nothing but the success of the project in mind to benefit holders.

The core team focused on creating a project backed by not only a well-conceived smart contract, but also a strong community. This is in addition to the marketing efforts that will bring continuous opportunities in attracting new investors to the project. The core team is put together with talents and strengths that complement each other well for the cryptocurrency space.

The strength of $KAMP is built around the community. The core team is focused on fostering a positive atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity as opposed to one of hatred and exclusivity. The $KAMP team has a drive to develop a strong community that is welcoming to all new holders. The telegram international groups will be expanded to include it’s reach to new investors worldwide. The team has made themselves accessible and remain fully transparent to all members of the $KAMP family


K-Protocol’s Proof-of-Holding consensus mechanism is a unique concept, representing the next step in eliminating energy-dependent PoW mechanisms. Simply holding KAMP in your wallet qualifies holders for auto-mining rewards. Auto-mining is a key feature of the KAMP ecosystem, rewarding token holders by delivering tokens to their wallet every 12 hours, based on the size of their verified holdings.

$KAMP rewards are set by calculated APYs, these calculations will provide sustainability, while also give holders a very good incentive to hold. $KAMP is using the same basic idea of BTCs tapering cycle, where the rewards will halve every 3 Months.  The rewards from auto mining will be reduced by 30-50%.  This will create a stable controlled distribution until the final token supply is in circulation. This tapering cycle works alongside the auto mining rewards to provide solid controlled growth, with no extreme inflation.  This tapering cycle will provide a stable floor for the Project while giving solid profit to holder.  The reduction of rewards will be the incentive for buyers to invest early and hold for solid long-term profits!

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